Month: January 2014

Cooler Heads Prevail

It’s been extremely cold here for what feels like an ice age or one of those winters  “Game of Thrones” people go on about. The kind of cold currently scaring people off the sidewalks is serious, legit cold, though I’m absolutely positive someone from THE NORTH will quibble and tell me I am weak and recount the time the snow was higher than rooftops … Read More Cooler Heads Prevail



Tomorrow I’m going to the dermatologist. I don’t  mind going because my doctor is a soft-spoken, sort of glamorous person who wears cute skirts and give me fancy sample products I can trade for cat sitting and other favors. Early on in my appointment, my moles will be assessed.  I will be told that I handle sunlight about as well as a vampire and … Read More Skin