Month: February 2016


Wax and Wane

Customer: You have the worst selection of metal vinyl I’ve ever seen. Not a single Italian metal band from the last eight years. Me: Sorry. Customer: It’s like you don’t want me to shop here. Is that it? Don’t smile. I’m not joking. Me: Thanks for coming in! When I was in high school, I knew one girl who worked at a record store. … Read More Wax and Wane



i. My dad and I make a lot of scenes in restaurants. It’s sort of our thing. He says something about writing that usually is not really about writing at all. I react with fury. He finds my reaction either funny or ridiculous and, instead of apologizing, goes full David Letterman deadpan until I simmer down or storm out the front door. There’s no … Read More Romance



I. One September day, about a month into my sophomore year, my roommate became suddenly, terribly convinced that she was going to die. Her reasons for believing this were both very personal and totally illogical. She spent several weeks sitting in our otherwise airy apartment withthe blinds drawn, drinking cheap Chianti out of the bottle and wearing an ancient rusty red taffeta dressing gown … Read More Grown-Ups