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Life Among The Amazons

At a twenty year remove, I’m forced to concede that sometimes life hands you lemons sourer than not going to your first- (second or even third) choice college. There’s death, illness and oppression. There’s crushing poverty, violence and war. There are roommates that love patchouli. There are Jimmy Buffett fans. There is “Hotel California.”  At eighteen, though, I was sure pretty that Women’s College … Read More Life Among The Amazons



I went to the kind of high school that had its own Coat of Arms–you know, a faux-medieval crest and a Latin motto. It was stitched onto ties and blazers, affixed to notebooks, pencils, coffee mugs, pint glasses, beach towels, baseball caps and pretty much any other crap the School thought they sell to parents and alumni. There wasn’t much to the crest part–no … Read More Liminality


Be Mine

2017 Update: I performed a live (and slightly shorter) version of this story at the Moth Story Slam in Asheville in February of 2016. You can listen to it here: I was fifteen years old, an awkward, fat fifteen year old, with awkward flat hair still growing out from a fuck the world, running away from home, self-administered haircut dating from seven months previous. … Read More Be Mine


On The Eighty-First Anniversary of Repeal

This morning I had coffee with my grandmother Gloria (aka Nana) and her husband (my step-grandfather) Lee, in Roanoke, Virginia. Both of them celebrated birthdays this week. Nana turned eighty-eight (though she calls it forty-nine) and Lee ninety-one. Though they both raised families and spent their adult lives in Roanoke, they grew up (though didn’t know each other) in nearby, rural Franklin County. Nana … Read More On The Eighty-First Anniversary of Repeal


Book Marks

I’m not sure who decided I was a huge Jane Austen fan, but at some point, about ten years ago, various pieces of Austen-related kitsch started showing up in my house. It seemed innocuous enough at the time. And I get it. When gift-giving time comes, my friends and family see a Pemberley-branded tea cozy or a set of Lizzie Bennett cocktail napkins and … Read More Book Marks



This kid—let’s call him Sam—dropped by the store a couple weeks ago. He’s been a regular customer since he was a wee thing (which was about a minute ago in adult time). He wanted to sell a couple of LPs and give us a preliminary goodbye. “I’m going to San Francisco,” he said. Sam couldn’t have had a worse audience. He’s maybe, maybe, twenty-one, … Read More California


About Time

As you get older, things tend toward slowness. You’re not inclined to move as fast or talk as fast or eat as fast or fuck as fast or whatever as fast. You want to savor the moment. You want to enjoy every flavor. You want to not stumble over yourself and faceplant in the middle of the snow-slicked running trail.[1] Slowing down is not … Read More About Time

Cooler Heads Prevail

It’s been extremely cold here for what feels like an ice age or one of those winters  “Game of Thrones” people go on about. The kind of cold currently scaring people off the sidewalks is serious, legit cold, though I’m absolutely positive someone from THE NORTH will quibble and tell me I am weak and recount the time the snow was higher than rooftops … Read More Cooler Heads Prevail



Tomorrow I’m going to the dermatologist. I don’t  mind going because my doctor is a soft-spoken, sort of glamorous person who wears cute skirts and give me fancy sample products I can trade for cat sitting and other favors. Early on in my appointment, my moles will be assessed.  I will be told that I handle sunlight about as well as a vampire and … Read More Skin