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The Ladies

The first doll in the doll collection was a baby doll. A hideous oft-bodied thing with a hard-molded plastic head, about  the size and shape of a small sack of Irish potatoes. The doll’s official name was Baby Precious, which struck me as inordinately stupid. “I think Baby Precious is a such a sweet doll,” my mother would say. I thought Baby Precious looked … Read More The Ladies


The First Part

I think the first time I ever saw the word Superchunk, it was written on the spine of a cassette tape at Camelot Records in the Asheville Mall. In high school, I spent a lot of time just hanging out in the “Alternative” section. “Alternative” in those days meant “Not Classic Rock, Poison, or Paula Abdul” and had yet to become synonymous with “Bands … Read More The First Part