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Plague Diary, April 17-18, 2020

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Thursday night, in between a personal Wu-Tang Clan dance party and the conclusion of a slightly drunken pound cake baking session, I cooked up some frozen salmon I’d stocked for quarantine back in the days when going to Trader Joe’s still felt like a thing that didn’t require a battle strategy. The salmon tasted fine, but either it or the lettuce I used for the salad wasn’t and around 2:30am, things went south, or rather […]

Plague Diary, April 15-16, 2020

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About six months ago, I stood up on the side of a steep slope, wheezy with an inconvenient chest cold I picked up traveling, and looked down into the stark beauty of Glencoe, momentarily sunlit and full of (literal)rainbows between showers, and considered what a crazy year it had been. “The craziest!” I thought. All high peaks (real possibility of creative success, travel) and dire canyons (possibility of creative success pretty much dying on the […]

Plague Diary, April 14, 2020

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I’ve had four meetings today, which I could complain about, but I still have a job, so in this economy, I wouldn’t dream of it. I tend to drift on long conference calls, which means half of the time I end up down some rabbit hole horror show of virus-related bullshit that leaves me in a state of reckless unease. I read more stupid articles and want to start fights with all those people who […]

Plague Diary, April 13, 2020


I don’t know what is about Monday mornings, but it feels like, since the arrival of The Pestilence, the newspapers have just let ‘er rip with the worst of the worst. It’s like they held the truly awful until after the weekend’s passed. Perhaps out of some general nod to day of rest. Perhaps because they figure some nice old people—maybe their own parents—are more likely to take a gander at the headlines on a […]

Plague Diary, April 12, 2020

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I come hardwired with an authority problem. As a teenager and young adult, I thought that made me more daring and interesting. A real rebel. As a forty-four year old woman, I think it’s kind of embarrassing that my first impulse is to argue with anyone who tells me what I can’t do (or worse, what I SHOULD do). It’s so pronounced that the fastest way to get me to do a thing (eg: quit […]

Plague Diary: April 10-11, 2020

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It’s been a beautiful couple of days on this holiday (what’s a holiday?) weekend (what’s a weekend?). I’ve slept in. I’ve ordered takeout. I’ve written things that were neither steeped in panic, nor bound for clients. I’ve kinda, sorta had the kind of quarantine I imagine I thought I might have, back before I realized how much dread would accompany it. This golden state is likely fleeting, but for now, it feels nice to think […]

Plague Diary, April 9, 0202

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 Roughly twenty-seven years ago today, I filed into the pink and gray Art Deco chapel at the center of high school and sang a piece of Renaissance choral music with a bunch of teenagers by candlelight for Maundy Thursday service. I, a born heathen, had never heard of Maundy Thursday before. In fact, the first time our creepy mustachioed Chaplain mentioned it, I could have sworn he said “Monday Thursday,” which sounded like a nice […]

Plague Diary, April 8, 2020

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One month in. We’re all on different timelines for shut-in status. My quarantine unofficially began exactly four weeks ago today, when I decided not to go to that Cat’s Cradle show that everyone else went to. At the time, I thought I was erring on the side of caution, even as I ordered takeout and fielded summons from friends in attendance, and worried my decision would be vindicated by people I knew getting sick. To […]

Plague Diary, April 7, 2020

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I went to the supermarket this morning. I’d been dreading it, but it had to be done. I needed cat food. needed butter. I needed toothpaste. I needed onions. But I also needed the truly critical items like tonic water, about a pound of (medicinal) gruyere, dijon mustard, and a couple of potted geraniums for the deck. I decided to go early, and set my alarm. Unnecessary, as my internal Plague Anxiety alert system jolts […]

Plague Diary: April 6, 2020

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This morning, I watched a shirtless jogging dude clear a bottleneck up the trail by yelling out “I WORK IN THE HOSPITAL,” which sent a couple of chatty pram-handlers and inappropriately-distanced dog owners headlong into the brambles and wisteria. I don’t think I’ve laughed—into the crook of my elbow, in the event that I snorted–that hard in weeks. WhileI can’t advocate for you using medical stolen valor to enforce social distancing, it was definitely effective. […]